Thankfulness in December

In this month of December I am thankful for:

* My amazing wife Elizabeth who is 14 weeks pregnant and a baby who is on the way

* Being able to hear the baby’s heartbeat and seeing a cute tiny hand waving around on the sonogram last week.

* The beautiful, colorful picture mosaic of a cross that a youth made for me. The youth stayed up several hours to draw and color the picture. I posted it on my door so that I see it every day and am reminded of the love it represents and the love from which it comes from.

* The notes and drawings the youth leave on the small dry erase board that hangs on my door. One youth recently drew Pac-Man eating the Mr. Bill claymation figure from Saturday Night Live. 🙂

* Dylan the cat who attacks your socks thinking they’re another animal; and Harper who plays fetch with her toys just as good as any dog.

* Being able to gaze sleepily at the snow covering the ground outside and no longer having to drive in it.

* Friends who leave you awesome messages and drawings on Facebook about your expectant child.

* Friends who love you enough to tell you when to step back and take a breath.

* The freedom that came to Gillian Gibson, the British teacher, who had been jailed in Sudan for allowing her class of 6 and 7-year-olds name a Teddy bear Mohammed.

* My father-in-law had his last day of radiation and is feeling hopeful that he will beat his cancer.

* A fun weekend to celebrate my good friend John Weicher’s 30th Birthday in Media, PA.

* Christmas cards from friends, family and church members

* Advent–a time of preperation for the loving and grace-filled mystery of God that dwells among us as a baby in a lowly manger.

* Christmas–a time of giving in the name of God who in Christ gives us the freedom to shine as lights in the darkness


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