Let It Ring

I was viewing a friend’s MySpace page when the profile song, “Let It Ring” by Amy Ray of the folk duo The Indigo Girls, began playing.  Although I’ve been a big fan of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers’ music for the past 20 years, I had never heard this song which comes from Amy’s second solo album “Prom” released in 2005.  This amazing song struck a deep chord within me, especially considering the current state of world affairs on this New Year’s Eve.

Amy Ray has not made an official video for the song as far as I know, however, I discovered that a MySpace member created one to post on YouTube that fits perfectly with Ray’s powerful and stirring music and message.

May there be more love and hope and less evil and hate in the New Year.

Let it ring!

Let It Ring Lyrics by Amy Ray of The Indigo Girls

When you march stand up straight.
When you fill the world with hate
Step in time with your kind and
Let it ring

When you speak against me
Would you bring your family
Say it loud pass it down and
Let it ring

Let it ring to Jesus ’cause he sure’d be proud of you
You made fear an institution and it got the best of you
Let it ring in the name of the one that set you free
Let it ring

As I wander through this valley
In the shadow of my doubting
I will not be discounted
So let it ring

You can cite the need for wars
Call us infidels or whores
Either way we’ll be your neighbor
So let it ring

Let it ring
in the name of the man that set you free
Let it ring

And the strife will make me stronger
As my maker leads me onward
I’ll be marching in that number
So let it ring

I’m gonna let it ring to Jesus
Cause I know he loves me too
And I get down on my knees and I pray the same as you
Let it ring, let it ring
‘Cause one day we’ll all be free
Let it ring



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