Thankfulness in January

Things to be thankful in January and the New Year of 2008:

* My wife Elizabeth and the baby we’re expecting, 6 months to go! 🙂

* Playing board games on New Year’s Day/Birthday with Elizabeth and friends Linsey and Shelli

* Dogs–Zeus, Cal and Scout

* Montreat, the College Conference and the group of students coming from CPC

* Heart-felt and thoughtful presents: My brother Ben’s “Daddy-Mix” Cd and his wife Rachel’s “Auburn 101” book

* Ben and Rachel

* Rachel (Elizabeth’s cousin) and her husband John and the funny birthday card they sent me.

* Friends and family

* Playing Scrabbulous with Friends on Facebook

* Laughter, lots and lots of laughter

* Music, especially the “Juno” soundtrack, “Let It Ring” by Amy Ray, “Jesus Christ” by Woody Guthrie, and “Let My Love Open the Door” by Pete Townsend

* The youth at CPC, they rock

* Sunshine

* Homer Simpson slippers, warm and funny

* having a New Castle brown ale on your birthday with your brother

* Watching “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” with Elizabeth, her dad Rick and his wife Deidre and eating dim-sung for lunch in Cleveland


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