Harper the Amazing Fetching Cat

Dogs aren’t the only animal who can play fetch. Our cat Harper has become a pro at the game, and nothing stops her from getting her catnip filled toy, not even the cables that hang from the TV/Tivo/DVD player.


2 thoughts on “Harper the Amazing Fetching Cat”

  1. That’s pretty cool….my dogs won’t fetch. They run after the ball like nuts and then chew it up, they haven’t gotten the idea to bring it back to me yet. Maybe it’s cause they’ve got huntin’ dog in them and they want to kill whatever they catch. They’re real good and killing balls and squeakers.


  2. god, that cat is so cool…i wish i could hang out with her…oh, wait, she’s sitting on my feet right now…and her brother is about to be turned into a throw rug (“Uh, let’s see what else i can knock off of the table/nightstand/ counter”)


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