Thankfulness in March

I am thankful this March for:

* Elizabeth  who is at 26 weeks in her pregancy and continues to be healthy

* Spring forward next weekend and knowing that warmer weather is on its way

* The church’s youth and youth leaders and the meaningful worship servie the MSYG led on the Third Sunday of Lent

Jesus For President by Shane Claiborne

* A good friend who told me wisley that sometimes you just have to “LGOTS” 🙂

* Planning a Middle School Youth Mission Trip with good friends and colleagues

*  Playing fetch with Harper

*  BBQ

* The humor of Will Ferell, Lewis Black, Eddie Izzard and Bill Cosby

* The Steve Harvey Morning Show keeping it real

* The anticipation of seeing a childhood hero “Indiana Jones” return to the screen

* My father-in-law’s blog “Middle Aged Southerner”

* My wife’s blog “I Had A Thought;” It’s good to see her writing again. She is a gifted writer and humorist

*  The music of David Lamotte, Eddie Vedder’s “Into the Wild,” Janis Ian’s “Folk Is the New Black,” and Sheryl Crow’s “Detours”

* The Christian Peace Witness movement coming to D.C. Thursday-Monday and the Faith-based Peace & Justice Coffeehouse at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church.

* This Lenten time of reflection

* Outrageous Oatmean Ice Cream from the Hershey’s Ice Cream Shop

* Samoa Girl Scout Cookies

* LOST and Eli Stone

* Reading


2 thoughts on “Thankfulness in March”

  1. I also like the lists. Gratitude lists are a day to day tool used in Alcoholics Anonymous.
    I was in a meeting with a seventy year old lady one time who told about awaking feeling blue, the bad kind, the sombers that had no cause. She said she was determined not to get out of bed until she could think of some reason to be grateful.
    After some minutes, it came to her. She was grateful that she wasn’t pregnant.
    Her name was Margarite. Right now I feel grateful that I knew such a charming, kind and funny lady.

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