Thankfulness in April

This month I’m thankful for:

*  Dylan and Harper who crack me up everytime they stare at the window looking at the birds they just can’t get (They literally freeze. You can poke either cat and they won’t flinch; they’re that mesmerized. And they talk to the birds to in these high pitched squeaks as if to say, “Suffering succatash, I see you birds. Come any closer and you’ll be the hot wing special for lunch.”)

* Elizabeth and the baby girl that is two months away from popping out of the womb! 🙂

* April showers that bring May flowers

* In-laws coming to visit this month

*  Our fourth wedding anniversary on Thursday!

*   Friends and Family

*  LOST—for its spiritual, philosophical and ethical insights; it’s intensity, drama and humor. It is storytelling that feeds the imagination at its very best.

*  Re-connecting with old friends from my youth

* Cocoa Krispies…mmmmmm…chocolate milk cereal

* Officiating weddings

*  Chocolate Crunch ice cream bars

*  Smiles and laughter

*  Reading The Lorax to my daughter…she’s got to know about saving the treeees!

*  A church member and youth leader who just calls to say, “Hey, how are ya?”

* Playing Scrabulous on Facebook with friends, family and church members

*  A baby’s kick

*  A wife’s love

* A friend’s support


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