Baby Shower

On Saturday, the members of Colesville Presbyterian Church threw Elizabeth and I our first baby shower.  It was a fun celebration.  We were a bit overwhelmed by the amount of gifts. We had no idea that there would be so many or that a baby would need that much stuff.   Our little girl is not going to be hurting for any onesies and outfits, that’s for sure. She’s going to be one stylin baby.

I have to admit that I’ve never been into baby clothes, much less the girlie kind.  But ever since we found out Elizabeth was pregnant, my eyes have suddenly been opened to all of these cute outfits.  Little pink sweaters and yellow outfits with ducks and little booties with colorful stripes.   I can’t wait to see my daughter in them and hold her in her onesie that says, “Don’t Laugh, My Daddy Dressed Me” or the “I Love Daddy” in case she forgets or other people wonder if she loves me after I’ve dressed her in non-matching outfits.

In the picture above is one of several burp clothes/diapers that the 3-8th graders decorated with words like “Baby” (in case I forget what it’s for and use it to pick a booger instead) and their names, all in acrylic paint. We also received some Target, Home Depot and maternity store cards to use for future baby-child needs or to buy some supplies for painting the nursery or kid’s bedroom.

Some of my personal favorites are the musical playing Eyore (his feet are painted in different colors and when you press them, they make a nice musical sound); the Learn & Drive steering wheel and dashboard (you can honk the horn and press a button that says “Get out of the way!” and learn your ABC’s at the same time); and Noah’s Ark (equipped with one animal of every kind that make their God-given sounds when you press on them, although Noah makes the sound of a foghorn. Go figure). Elizabeth’s favorite: Beaudreax’s Butt Paste for baby’s dry itchy skin, a home-grown Lousiana product 🙂

All gifts aside, the best part was actually seeing the joy and care that went into each gift and feeling all of the love and support from everyone.  It’s been a blessing to have so many folks a part of this journey with us.

Only six more weeks until the little one is here.  As I write, my wife is reading to the baby from Real Simple.  Studies have shown that the more you read to a child in the womb, the more advanced their vocabulary is, particularly at a young age.  Probaby means I should get back to finishing Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.  Gotta bring her up to date on how it’s bad for the environment to cut down trees, especially the Trufula ones.


4 thoughts on “Baby Shower”

  1. good post, honey…i am sure she will look fashionable even when you dress her (perhaps she is even more likely to look fashionable when you dress her…we’ve all seen my outfits!)…and please, don’t pick your boogars with her stuff!

    love, emsa


  2. Andy-Make Elizabeth stop reading to her from Real Simple. Do you want a second woman in your life who loves to make lists and keeps all of her papers in file folders? You might have one control freak kid-not that E is a control freak at all.


  3. raise your hand if you don’t appreciate lindsey’s comment…there is a little fetus hand waving maniacally (sp?) inside my belly-and an adult human one at the end of my arm!


  4. The Butt Paste is the greatest product that people have never heard of! I bought it as a gag to annoy my wife, but it’s been a life saver.

    As for Real Simple….Good Luck with that. It’s better than reading the Pottery Barn for Kids catalog!


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