Jesus and the Real Church

Earlier this evening, Elizabeth and I watched Lars and the Real Girl with Ryan Gosling and Patricia Clarkson. It’s a clever, funny and poignant film that serves as a powerful lesson about the effects a loving and accepting community can have on a person’s life. For a synopsis of the film, check out the trailer here:

It’s a wonderful movie that everyone should see, especially church goers and folks doing ministry in their congregations and communities.  The next two scenes are grace-filled moments that depict how the small town residents and church in which Lars attends respond to Lars and his girlfriend Bianca.  This, I believe, is an example of what the Church can really be if we open our eyes to see how God in Christ is inviting us to be part of the building of God’s kingdom–a place of compassion and mercy for all people:

The real question is: Can we create in our own lives the same church and community that exists in the movie? Is it possible for us to reach out compassionately to folks like Lars? Can we really and faithfully respond to their needs?  Can we really love the Lars’ of the world like Jesus wants? Can we begin the divine search for true loving relationships outside the box?


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