Labor Day

At 6:30 am I woke up to the sound of “Andyyy, I need you.” I bolted up from the couch and ran into the bathroom where my wife greeted me with, “I think my water just broke.” Indeed. We kept cool, allowing only smiles and giggles to move us forward as we (mostly me) scrambled to pack my hospital bag (I really thought I had more time, ha)

We got to the hospital about 7:30 am (which wasn’t hard since it’s 2 blocks away) and we’ve been here ever since (It’s 4:46 pm as I write this post).  Elizabeth is doing well. Her cervix is dilated at 6 centimeters which is remarkable considering that as of our doc appointment on Friday, there were no signs the baby was coming anytime soon. (Although the physician’s assistant did say on our way out, “We’ll see you next Tuesday for the sonogram unless something happens over the weekend, which I hope it does”)

Elizabeth has been really strong throughout the labor. The pain was a lot worse than she imagined but the epidural that she received an hour ago seems to be doing the trick.  And Elizabeth’s managed to get a couple of cat naps in.  I got 10 minutes myself outside of helping Elizabeth into a bath, change her bed pads, get ice chips and popscicles and keep in touch with outside world of family and friends. The text messages of love and prayers are more than anyone could ask for. Keep em coming.

I’ve even had a chance to read a few chapters in a book about supeheroes and faith, and watch 15 minutes of my favorite movie “Raising Arizona” (most appropriate for the day).  And the iPOD is putting out some mellow labor tunes..Alexi Murdoch, Joe Purdy, Enya, Iron & Wine, and U2’s Window in the Skies are the perfect soundtrack for this new and exciting chapter in life.

Well…I better go and get back to Elizabeth.  Family is on the way from Louisana, Cleveland, Charlotte and Tallahassee. In a few hours one more should be here, straight from the womb and into a bassinette to cap off a beautiful May day in Maryland.

More news, including our girl’s name, and pictures coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Labor Day”

  1. We are doing the “woohoo it’s baby-girl acton” dance already…..just to be ready!

    Hang in there “Mom”….you’re doing great! 🙂

    “Dad”, keep those popsicles coming…

    Much love,


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