Hello Katie

Delivered by c-section at 1:29 am and weighing in at 10.5 pounds and 22 inches long, KATIE!!! (Note that when I initally posted, I was so out of it, I wrote 122 inches hence the funny comments left by Del and Rob and others 🙂 )

Mom, daddy and baby are exhausted, but doing great! 24-hours after Elizabeth’s water broke, we are finally in a nice room in Shady Grove Hospital’s new materinity wing.  Katie had a good breakfast and is sound asleep.  Her parents are not far behind…for 10 minutes at least.


12 thoughts on “Hello Katie”

  1. That is one perfect-looking newborn…and holy toledo, 10.5 pounds?!

    Congratulations and love to you all. Can’t wait to meet my new cousin.


  2. LOL 🙂
    We don’t have one…but we do have a cute white onesie with a pink-green plaid monogram “K” that she’ll be wearing home! yaaay!
    And of course we have a few pink outfits here and there…our goal was to have some pink stuff but not get too crazy


  3. Congrats to the trio. Katie’s a beauty and I’m sure’s she’s a genius and has already read today’s Wall Street Journal and has figured out how to sleep all night …

    Tell “Grannie-Annie” Hi and welcome to Grandmotherland!


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