Mayberry Girl

We found out today, via our good friend Susan Artz and some additional research on the web, that Katie shares a special birthday with Andy Griffith, the star of one of my two favorite sitcoms of all time—The Andy Griffith Show (the other of course is M*A*S*H).   That officially makes Katie a Mayberry girl and gives me another great reason to learn her about the wonderful folks in that fictional slice of life North Carolina town.  I can’t wait to spend afternoons watching TAGS with her.  As Andy would say, “That’s fiiiiiiiineeeeee, that’s fine!”

Katie also shares a birthday with one of the best actors of our time, the amazingly talented Morgan Freeman, a native of Mississippi and business owner in Lousiana (Elizabeth’s home state). And let’s not forget he’s God in the popular and funny “Bruce Almighty” and “Evan Almighty.”

That’s not all. She’s also got the same birthday as the rock singer Alanis Morrisette; the late actress Marilyn Monroe; the late Rev. William Sloane Coffin, theologian and political activist who was fondly characterized as Rev. Sloan in the comic strip Doonesbury by Gary Trudeau; and Ron Wood, legendary guitarist for The Rolling Stones.

I think Katie’s in pretty darn good company don’t ya think. Maybe this is a sign of the great possibilities that lie ahead for our little one, well except for Marilyn’s affair with JFK, her marriages to DiMaggio and Athur Miller, the drug overdose and that awful Elton John song.


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