Thankfulness for August

In these dog days of Summer, I’m thankful for:

* my cats 🙂  Harper and Dylan who have endured a long trek from Maryland to Georgia in their pet carrier “gymn” bags and the move into a new apartment, just a few weeks after having a new attention-stealing baby come into their home and space.  They’ve done great with the changes. Haven’t lost any hair. Haven’t clawed anyone.  Everything is feline fine.

* Katie, not a moment goes by that I don’t thank God for this wonderful person that is in our life.  About a week ago she started smiling, giggling and cooing. So cute and fun.

* Friends and colleagues from our seminary and post-seminary days whom we have greatly missed and can enjoy hanging out with again now that we’re back in the Atlanta area.  Here is a picture from our get-together Saturday evening:

* The folks at Pleasant Hill who have welcomed us with open arms to the area and church with messages, meals, smiles, well-wishes, hugs, breakfast  party with the yutes, prayers, kind words, Hallelujah choruses, a Superman suit (seriously, no kidding..isn’t that awesome?!?) and yummy CAAAAKEEE!!!

* The opportunity to plan and experience another amazing Middle School Youth Mission Trip (“Mission Possible”) with John Weicher, Shelli Latham, Alan Bancroft and my wife Elizabeth.

* The comedy of Bernie Mac and the theme song “Shaft” by Isaac Hayes

* Presbyterian Youth

* Patrick, the Sears delivery guy who brought our new washing machine at 11:45 pm on Friday, after 13 other deliveries and a very long work day. He was friendly, quiet as a church mouse so as not to wake up Katie and had a great sense of humor.


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