Thankfulness for September

I’m thankful this September for:

* The time I get to spend with Katie in the mornings and evenings. Four things that stick out–

1) the way Katie looks up and smiles at Elizabeth and I from her crib as if to say “Good morning, let’s go play with my toys and sing silly songs.”

2) the “huh-huh-huh” sound Katie makes when I tickle her tummy with my nose

3) the way Katie lies on her side hugging her furry blue Cookie Monster doll

4) the chill look Katie gets on her face whenever we give her a bath. Water in her face doesn’t even phase her.

* The senior church member who approached me on Sunday and excitedly proclaimed: “Look what I found, a four leaf clover!”

* A good diagnosis for a friend

* My fellow staff members at PHPC for their wisdom, laughter, affirmations, love and creativity.

* The Smokey and The Bandit theme “East Bound and Down” by Jerry Reed. Not only is it a great song, it consistently keeps Katie calm when she’s being fussy.

* A colleague who surprised me one afternoon with a cup of Starbucks coffee.

* The friends and colleagues for sharing their words and lives for “The Peace of Christ” series on this blog.

* Seeing the tiny pink Bible inscribed with Katie’s name that Katie will receive when she is baptized in late October.

* Longtime friend and Katie’s godmother, Lindsey Wade, who visited us last week. She took care of Katie one evening while we did some house hunting, and she bought us a scrumptious Mexican dinner.

* My father-in-law, known these days as Katie’s “Pops”, who is helping me out with a suit that I can wear for Katie’s baptism.

* Cooler temperatures that signal Fall is on its way!

* The comedic brilliance of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in the Palin-Clinton skit on season opener of Saturday Night Live.

* Mexican food

* An email from a church member who said my sermon on the “Crossing of the Red Sea” moved her and was just what she needed to hear.

* Auburn Tigers football, even when they only beat the other team 3-2. War Eagle, hey!


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