Thankfulness for October

This month, I’m thankful for:

* Katie’s baptism during 11 am worship this Sunday, which will be officiated by Dr. Dave Fry (a wonderful colleague and mentor) and the Rev. Lindsey Wade (one of my best friends who I’ve known since 3rd grade, and Katie’s godmother)

* Friends and colleagues in ministry and the PHPC congregation who will witness my installation Sunday afternoon. And especially Lindsey who is pulling double duty and giving the installation sermon.

* Family coming into town for the big day on Sunday.

* My grandparents help with our first house and their first time seeing Katie this weekend. Hooray 🙂

*  Being able to find a good house (we’ve gotten through the home inspection) and not have to flush money down the toilet ala apartment rent.

* Katie who is rolling over and over and over and over…

* Spending time outside with Katie looking at birds and trees and seeing the amazed look on her face when her feet touches the grass.

* Elizabeth who is amazing in so many ways and who I don’t ever give enough praise and credit.

*  The youth and youth advisors at PHPC and all of the laughter in the church.

*  Strawberry Milkshakes from Chik-Fil-A…and the waffle fries…and the chicken sandwhiches

* Finding old friends on Facebook.

* D-Maw who made a stellar Wonder Woman costume for Katie’s first Halloween. Pardon my French, but it really kicks ass, it’s that good. Party stores and Costume shops have nuttin on this outfit.

* A letter from Massanetta Springs Camp and Conference Center in which a dear friend made a contribution in my honor.  A very flattering and humbling thing.

* Friends who don’t let me drift too high or sink to low and keep me on solid ground.

* Communion

* Breathing

* The Office, My Name Is Earl and The Daily Show…in these hard times, the comedic prophets always help.

* The book Jesus Wants To Save Christians: A Manifesto for A Church in Exile by Rob Bell

* Katie’s smile

* Children and youth who give me big hugs on Sunday mornings and the little girl who clung to my leg when I read Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown during a recent Children’s Sermon.

* Runaway Bunny, one of the best illustration of the relationship between God and us (and a good companion with the Emma Thompson movie Wit)

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