My Story is True

Says SW a tall lanky man
with blondish hair and glasses:
Went to the gas station
Misplaced my card
Need some fuel for my car
                to get to the airport
                to pick up an old woman
                                                dear to my heart
I hate havin’ to ask
I gotta job that pays plenty of cash
Please, please help me, I’ll pay you back by Wed’nsdy
I’m so nervous, I’ve never done anything this foolish
 Thank you, thank you
for the $40 Kroger cards to buy gas
I need to be off in a flash
And away he went
                this man in a sweater and kakis
Not a homeless person was he
                just an ordinary guy like you or me
                who did something slightly silly
                                                but very ordinary
Had a pretty good feeling in my heart
                Knowing that I did my part
Until I discovered later that I had been snookered
                by a con who visited last week with
                                                Similar story
                                                Slightly different name
                                                         JS instead of SW
                                                                but “S”cott was the same
That day he got a $20 Kroger card for gas and
                $10 cash for the airport parking lot
Less than a hundred for the story we bought
                                nothing more than a lie and a flop
Now it’s between him and Big Pop

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