Thankfulness for January

This January I’m thankful for:

* Ben and Rachel’s visit this past weekend, for the way they dote on Katie, and Ben’s patience and good humor helping me set up the bird feeder

* Church acolytes

* Katie’s laughter and her sense of wonder–whether it be a ladle or trying to play with the “other” girl in the mirror

*  Elizabeth and our ability to work together and become a dynamic duo of a parenting team. We’ve learned a lot in nearly 8 months and have a lot more to discover.  And we’re both glad we haven’t ripped out each other’s hair (in addition to our own) 🙂

* amazing historic moments:  Capt. Sully’s successful ditch of a commercial flight in the middle of the cold Hudson River;  the inauguration of the country’s first black president

* the return of LOST–a show that continually captivates my imagination and has an uncanny way of teaching me something about humanity, mercy, redemption, fear and courage.

* the return of Burn Notice–a fun spy thriller on the USA network that Elizabeth and I enjoy watching together.  For an hour, it helps distract the mind from the economy woes and the numbskulls who keep firing missiles and big guns at each other

* Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King, Ralph Albernathy, Medgar Evars, Rosa Parks, John Lewis and so many children, youth and adults who struggled for civil rights and equal treatment of all people in this country and the world.

* For the High School Youth Group who speak and teach me so much about God and faith and who are putting together an incredible service for Feb. 1 (using Mark 1:21-28); For the Middle School Youth Group who inspire me with their eagerness and passion to do more and the work they’re putting into the upcoming Souper Bowl of Caring.

* For former youth and adults from Colesville who it’s good to talk to again on Facebook.

* For a 2nd grader who hugged me during the “passing of the peace” on Sunday

* For my good friend and mentor Ed Williams, a brother in the faith

* For the adults at Pleasant Hill who affirm my ministry and feed me with words of comfort, hope, love and laughter.

* For God who continues to open my eyes so I may see…


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