The Gospel According to Hamsters

Last Friday evening, while Elizabeth and Katie were in Ohio visiting ‘Pops and Dee-Maw’, I went to the movie theater.  During the previews, a new KIA car commercial with hamsters debuted:

It ‘s a humorous visual of the old addage about how busyness gets you knowwhere, much like a hamster constantly spinning on a wheel.  KIA’s solution is to get off the wheel and into the new KIA ‘Soul’ which is a more fun and groovin ride that stirs the soul and takes you someplace.  Clever ad, although it didn’t exactly inspire me to buy a KIA.  The commercial did speak to me about faith and the Church (universal).

Busyness in and outside of church life is a big problem for a lot of folks.  So much time and energy is spent on that hamster wheel due to an over-committment to careers, academics and extra-curricular activities that little is left for Sabbath and service to God and God’s people.   And the same is true if too much time and energy is used up on long unproductive church meetings; silly and picky debates over the color of the new sanctuary carpet; or making a ton of preparations for an event that is only being held for sake of tradition, not because there is any authentic enthusiasm or passion among planners and participants.

Congregations and church staffs can and do suffer from spending or wasting a lot of time on the hamster wheel. 

But what would happen if we slowed down long enough to allow God to take us on a ride that would be good for our souls–that would take us in a new direction and way of living that is more fulfilling and less depleting?

What would happen if each of us discardeded our own individual hamster wheels, which never moved an inch no matter how fast we ran inside them?

What would happen if we allowed God’s vibes and rhythms to carry us forward along the path?

What might our lives and world look like when our souls are cruising with God, and no longer spinning around pointlessly in a cage?


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