Thankfulness for March

I’m thankful this March for:

* Katie’s laughter

* Snack time with Katie

*Watching Katie grow and learning new things like eating her food by hand, scooting across the floor to grab a toy, recognizing her name when spoken

* That Katie didn’t get hurt when I accidentally let her fall of her bed while taking pictures of the child in her newly painted room.  She fell face first, bounced and landed on her back. Scared her more than anything.  I felt like crap, but am thankful for Elizabeth’s comfort and the assurance from seasoned parents with simillar experiences whose children turned out ok.

* Good conversations with church youth

* Opportunity to plan and lead in Sunday morning worship and the more contemporary “Upword! ” service on the second Sunday evening of every month.

* The honesty of others

*  Elizabeth’s nurturing soul and crazy humor

*  Seeing a movie on a Friday night–thanks to a youth who gave me that wonderful gift of  2 free movie tickets for Christmas. I finally used one of them.

* Eric Carle’s “Animals”

* Maurice Sendak’s “In the Night Kitchen”

* ML’s wall art in Katie’s room–purple and green cats on a pink background. 

*  Montly gatherings with Columbia friends and everyone’s kids, most of which are experiencing their first year of life in this crazy world.

* Shoes

*  Ministry

* Sharing guy jokes with Dave Fry

*  Middle School Youth artwork

*  The coming of spring

* The many colorful birds who hang out at the birdfeeder in the back yard and the squirrels who scamper across the back porch.


3 thoughts on “Thankfulness for March”

  1. i’m proud of you for being brave enough to put Katie’s tumble on the blog…why are you thankful for shoes, other than the fact that not everyone has some that fit (or any at all)?


  2. Have you seen the pop-up Very Hungry Caterpillar (it is for 3 year olds and up) and/or the Newsweek article on Eric Carle? I am bringing the Newsweek; it also has story about Gwinnet and Lawrenceville Mexican pipeline Eliza requested. I am thankful for you 3. Much love


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