Thankfulness for April

This April, I’m thankful for:

* showers that bring May flowers

* mowing the lawn on a sunny and mild afternoon

*  April Fool’s Day, zinged a couple of friends by convincing them I was changing careers 🙂

*  permission from the senior pastor of PHPC to hit him several times in the face with a squirt bottle as part of last week’s Children’s sermon on Jesus Calming the Storm.

* Katie’s discover of the word “cat” which she pronounces without the “t” and how excited she becomes whenever she sees our two cats Harper and Dylan

* the smile on her face when we sit Katie in front of her Schoenhutt wooden toy piano

*  LOST, Chuck, Scrubs, My Name Is Earl, The Office, and The Daily Show–nice diversions and mental breaks from the junk that is TV news.

* the opportunity to meet Condoleeza Rice, a Birmingham native and PC(USA) preacher’s kid.

*  The new children’s book  “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan with terrific illustrations by Paul Rodgers

*  the time Katie and I spent today at the “Little Gym” crawling on mats, walking on balance beams, playing with bubbles and chilling under the parachute

* the Hershey’s candy-bars with home-made wrappers expressing thanks for the work of youth leaders, made by the parent of a youth

* Funny emails from friends and church members that always come when you’re in dire need of a laugh

*  Coffee

* Birds and rabbits in the backyard

* tickets to see U2 in October!

* growing relationships with youth and other members at PHPC

* Easter season

* Comic books whose imaginative and brillainst stories are  fun, thought-provoking, and compelling


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