Thankfulness for May

In May, I’m thankful for:

*The Festival of Homiletics, held in various churches in the Buckhead section of Atlanta and for the following speakers who inspired and fed my preaching soul–Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Barbara Brown Taylor, Brian McLaren, Anna Carter Florence, Otis Moss III, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Will Willimon, Fred Craddock, Brian Blount and Dianna Butler Bass.

*Matt Fry, pastor of Norcross Presbyterian and son of Dave Fry, the senior pastor at Pleasant Hill, whom I got to hang out with and know better through the conference.

*Ed Williams, my journalism professor at Auburn, mentor, and friend who sponsored me on the Central Alabama Emmaus Walk in Dadeville.

*For all the family and friends who sent me “agape” letters and many more whom I know love me and who I love deeply as well.  Thank you for walking with me on this journey in love.

*LOST and Fringe—two of the most captivating shows on TV.   The rich and complex stories grab both my heart and mind, give me much to ponder about spirituality, relationships, love, trust, and redemption.

*Mission & Outreach Committee for their incredible work, for their leaps of faith and passionate call to help the “least of these.”

*The wildlife in our backyard. It’s amazing. Constant reminders of the fingerprints of God on creation.

*Sharing the SNL Target Lady (Kristin Wiig and Justin Timberlake) skit with my good friend Lindsey Wade. “Classic Peg.”

*My mother-in-law Anne who is retiring from her job as  Louisiana civil services director in Baton Rouge and moving into our home to watch Katie during the day and just be plain ole Nana.

*Rick having a great scan (cancer free!) and Deidre feeling good again. 🙂

*Katie’s growth over the past few weeks. She’s crawling and pulling herself up onto the couch.  She’s laying in the floor and looking intently at her picture books and she loves the ones where she can lift the flaps to see the picture underneath.

*Elton John’s “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters,” Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” and The Killers “All These Things That I Have Done.” Beautiful, prophetic songs

*U2’s “Magnificent” (Mary’s Magnificat) and “Moment of Surrender” (About a man giving up his drug addiction) are awe-inspiring.  Bono and crew still got the magic.

*Pentecost in 10 days!

*Summer youth trips drawing near!

*Visits from family!

*The hugs of Pleasant Hill kids

*Reconnecting to old friends on Facebook

*The unconditional love of my wife Elizabeth and her super mom skills, i.e. her creativeness, her sense of humor, and a desire to want to fill every day of mine and Katie’s life with joy!  I’m also thankful to be celebrating a fifth year of marriage with her! (Our anniversary was in April but the celebration goes on all year)


One thought on “Thankfulness for May”

  1. I have now managed to write a comment and lose it. As I was saying so much to learn and so little time. I am so glad that I made the May grateful list and that I read your Montreat blog. I have to find a way to keep up with your blog. So good and so interesting. Your daughter awakens. I must depart. Love,

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