Is the "t" in Christ for torture? reports on the Christian response to torture.  If one claims to be a Jesus-follower, it would stand to reason that they would be against torture.  After all Jesus walked non-violently to a torturous beating and death on the cross by the Roman Empire.   And he refused any attempts to be freed by the power of brute force. (Matthew 26:50-55 and John 18:35-37 ).

But many Christians, according to the CNN article and a recent survey, believe that torture in some instances is ok and necessary. After centuries of bloodshed, why haven’t we learned that torture and violence only begets more violence. The sword or the gun or the battery car cables never have and never will bring peace and reoncilation that God desires for all of humanity. Security and comfort through violent means is a mere illusion. The powers of violence only dehumanize and corrupts God’s beloved creation.  Violence essentially spits in the face of God and God’s love. How can any Christian (much less any person of faith) be in favor of that act?

When will this cycle of violence and religious and patriotic justification thereof end? Is it possible for us to be a part of the solution that halts the cycle before we lose our very-selves in a pit of despair and death?

Am I missing something here? Thoughts?


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