LOST: Destiny Calls, Destiny Found

Wow!!! Just when you think LOST couldn’t get any better, it does.  What a (literally) explosive Season 5! I realize that I’m a bit late on the commentary since the finale aired nearly a month ago, but it’s taken me that long for this mythic and grand act of storytelling to percolate in my brain.

I won’t try to disect Season 5 and the possibilities for Season 6 (the show’s last) like I did after Season 4. Instead, I’d like to mostly refer you to what I think is the best theory on the creator’s intentions with LOST.  This particular theory not only confirms intuition I and others have had about the show, but it also does a dam good job of supporting it’s theory with a lot of solid evidence from the show.

The writers of LOST on Earth\’s Mirror Matter Moon are accute observers and I think they got it right.   LOST  or more specifically “The Island”–like C.S. Lewis’ Narnia, Carol Lewis’ Alice In Wonderland, Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and Stephen King’s Dark Tower (all of which are paid homage in the show)– is another world that is connected to our world, the real world we know as Earth.  And “The Island” world provides the backdrop all the other world’s do–a stand-off between good and evil.  On “The Island” good and evil comes in many shapes and forms, and according to the folks at Mirror Matter Moon,  is rooted in the most familliar and classic struggle of good and evil, light and dark, yin and yang, Jacob (whom we’ve heard of from the show’s beginning) and quite possibly…wait for it, wait for it…Esau! (Also dubbed Mr. Loophole by Entertainment Weekly or the fake Locke or Mr. No Name who sits brooding on the beach with Jacob in the opening scene of the Season 5 finale).

Take some time to read Mirror Matter Moon. Totally worth your time and you won’t regret it.

Other reflections/observations I took from the last few episodes of Season 5:

* Farraday was right…What’s happened, happened. The past can’t be changed.  And yes humans have free will to make different choices, take different paths, etc.  But Farraday was wrong to conclude that different choices would cause a different outcome.  Despite Jack & Co’s presence among the DHARMA Initiative in the 1970s,  certain outcomes remained the same–Ben was taken in by the Others and eventually became their leader and so on;  all but key personnell were evacuated from the DHARMA Initiative; and an explosion at the Swan caused an energy source on The Island to leak out (which is believed to be the cause of the fertility problems the Others later experience).  The energy was contained in a facility constructed around the Swan, aka The Hatch. DHARMA guys stayed behind to reset the numbers so the energy wouldn’t be released again…later Desmond comes along..and you know the rest of the story.   Even though Jack & Co were living out their present in the 1970s, their actions didn’t change those outcomes. They just became a part of the sequence of events that led to those outcomes.  Before Jack & Co, those events happened in slightly different ways.  Same outcome.  Predestination anyone?  (I knew that this show appealed to my Presbyterianism somehow! 🙂 )

The proof for this can be found throughout Season 5:  As Sawyer, Juliet, Locke, Jin, Miles, Farraday, Charlotte jumped through Island time, the jumps or flashes always occurred whenever it seemed they would do something to change history.   Before a change could be made, the group would flash out of that time.   Same thing happened in finale.  Jack & Co have jumped/flashed back to 2007, their own time, 3 years after they were rescued from their 9-month or so stay on The Island following the Oceanic 815 crash.   Jack & Co can’t die in the 1970s, not meant to be. What’s happened, happened.

Farraday dies by his mother Eloise’s bullet because that was his destiny.  It already happened so it had to happen again (Just like Roland the Gunslinger in the Dark Tower series and Neo in the Matrix) The elder Eloise of 2000’s, the one who helps Jack & Co, and Sun and Ben return to The Island via Ajira Airlines, knows Daniel’s fate. Eloise remembers doing it before and although the event pains her, she knows she can’t change what has happend. She says to the elder Widmore outside the hospital (where Desmond is being treated following his run-in with Ben), “I had to send my son back.”

Charlotte dies of the time jump/flashes because she is facing a pardox.  Charlotte can’t exist on The Island in the 1970s at the same time that she as a child is living with her family on The Island as part of the DHARMA Initiative.

*  Jacob’s companion/Esau/Mr. Loophole/fake Locke  could also be the Smoke Monster.  The Smoke Monster mirrors people on the island and becomes them…when they’re dead, i.e. Eko’s brother the priest, Ben’s daughter Alex, and now Locke.

* The reason Jack & Co are so important is because they are horcruxes for Jacob, keepers of Jacob’s soul in the event that he dies, which he does by Ben’s jealous hands.  The idea comes from the Harry Potter series. The evil Voldermort didn’t really die when his wand touched Harry’s scar.  But his power was defeated momentarily and his soul was scattered into various horcruxes that upon discovery would help to restore him.   The proof, you ask?  Well, a) they all have to return to the Island for a particular purpose b) Unbeknownst to them, Jacob met every one of the main characters (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid,  Sun & Jin, Charlie and Locke and likely more) before the Oceanic 815 crash. And Jacob touched each of them, thus placing a piece of himself in them.  The clue that tipped me off is when Jacob gives Hurley (post-Oceanic rescue) Charlie’s guitar to take back to The Island. The guitar case is a horcrux because Charlie was a horcrux.   So is Hugo who likely met Jacob prior to the Oceanic 815 crash but doesn’t remember.  Hugo’s gifts come from Jacob.

* The ageless Richard Alpert who told fake Locke that Jacob made him ageless is quite possibly the captain of or deckhand from the Black Rock ship–the vessel that appears on the horizon while Jacob and friend are talking on the beach.  I’m betting we’ll learn more about Alpert, the Black Rock and how the Others came to be in Season 6–I think all 3 are closely connected.

* Christian Shepherd, who speaks for Jacob, still remains, in my opinion, central to the plot as does his relationship with Jack as well as Claire and Aaron.  I’m starting to wonder if Christian (pre-death in Australia and Jack’s crash on The Island) had been to The Island previously.  Is his ghostly purpose to secure a leader of the Others and the future of The Island and all of existence, aka Jack via Locke?

*  Mirror Matter Moon makes a pretty good argument for “Adam and Eve” being Desmond and Penny.  Could be, but I’m still holding out for “Adam and Eve” the male-female skeletons buried together in the caves to be Bernard and Rose.  They seem to fit the role and situation better.  But who knows? I could certainly be wrong about this along with everything else.

Well…that’s all from me regarding  LOST.  Anymore and my own brain will flash and explode. 🙂  Until 9 months from now when the final chapterr–“Destiny Found” according to the previews– in this incredible journey begins (and ends)…



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