No. 1

A year ago on June 1, our darling Katie was born!  How quickly 12 months have gone by. One minute she was a squishy little baby who could barely open her eyes and wasn’t quite so sure about that whole nursing business.  Now she’s jabbering a mile a minute, smiling, laughing, crawling, pulling herself up on the couch, playing with small plastic sand shovels and stuffed animals, flipping through picture books and eating solid food like Goldfish crackers, restaurant bread and drinking milk and juice out of a cup.  They grow up and learn fast as they say.

Here are some pictures from Katie’s first birthday party on Sunday afternoon May 31.  The party was a blast and we’re thankful to all those who came to celebrate (Robert, Morgan and 6-month-old Stockton Hay; Cader, Cameron and 16-month-old Isaac Howard; Jonathan, Shannon and 10-month-old Grainger Ball and Rick “Pops” Soileau)

The first ever cupcake (not to mention the first ever taste of frosting and sugar!!!) was a huge success; the moment was worth all the mess.

The first year was grand, now here comes Year Two!


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