Star Wars VII: A New Religion

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While the Star Wars films undoubtedly contain strong spiritual and religious themes (Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam) that one can observe through a lens of faith,this seems to be a stretch

The more important question, though, for mainline Christians (as well as Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims), is what is it we’re not doing to feed one’s spiritual needs that they would need to be a part of The Church of Jediism?  Are the major religions that intolerant of the “other” that the only place for the “other” to find meaningful connections is to avoid reality all together by immersing themselves completely into the only fantasy world  they believe accepts them?

Or is The Church of Jediism just another way to view and apply faith, a way to better understand one’s own religious heritage in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.? Is The Church of Jediism uintentionally proving that there is another way to be “Church” or a “Monothestic Religion.”

And can new “Church” or “Religious” language and rituals, like that in The Church of Jediism, provoke a deep sense of meaning and fulfillment as it does for traditional believers?   Can “May the force be with you,” be just as powerful of a saying as “The peace of God be with you” ?

The answers and what to think about all of this I know not


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