She’s Got the Look

In October of 2009, my mom and I took Katie to Frontera Mexican Grill. While we were there, I snapped this shot of Katie eating her favorite dish of chips, guacamole and cheese quesadilla.  Although Katie wasn’t in a bad or fussy mood, she gave this great Robert Deniro “are you looking at me? are you trying to steal my chips” look. I shared the photo with numerous friends and family who thought the photo was pretty cute and hysterical.

Fast forward a couple of months later to an outing Elizabeth, Katie and I took to IKEA to buy a bookshelf for Katie’s playroom.  I was pretty confident that we could fit two long boxes into the backseat of our Nissan Altima with Katie in her car seat and me crammed in like a pretzel between the two.  The scene prompted Elizabeth to laugh and take the following picture:

Later that day, as we were showing this photo to Elizabeth’s dad Rick and Deidre (who were in town visiting us for New Year’s holiday weekend) they observed that the look on my face looked very familiar, similar even to one they had seen in a picture of Katie.  With some Adobe photoshop work, Deidre put the two pics side to side to reveal that Katie was not doing a Robert Deniro impression but has inherited an expression from dear ole dad (who also was not in a bad or fussy mood at the time his picture was taken.)

Maybe we’re communicating a “Are you about to mess with me? Don’t you think about messin with me?” look.

Whatever the meaning, “Like Father, like daughter”, as they say.


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