The LOST Supper

Religion (mainly Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and ancient Eastern traditions) plays an important role in “LOST” and just to whet the appetite of fans prior to the February 2 premiere of the sixth and final season, the show’s producers have released the following cast photos:

This is not the first time that a show’s cast has re-shot Davinci’s The Last Supper. Battlestar Galatica released this cast photo in its fifth and final season in 2009:

Yet seeing the cast of LOST portraying that familiar scene of Jesus and disciples at table is intriguing since hope for the Island and its inhabitants appears to lie in the hands of Locke (center of photo) the show’s Christ-figure or possibly–taking into account the events that closed out Season 5–an evil force masquerading as Locke.

Whatever the picture means for this upcoming season, I imagine the ending of the “LOST” story ( like Jesus’ story and all good stories that reveal truths about God and humanity) will defy all expectations, inspire our imaginations and turn our worlds upside down.


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