Live-Blogging LOST Series Finale

12:52 pm–Brain and heart is still processing the finale and the entire series. More reflections to come in the next few days. Now watching the LOST cast share more insights and the fun they had on the set on Jimmy Kimmel Live. If you’er not watching Jimmy Kimmel now, check it out online this week.

11:33 pm–A beautiful ending.  Thank you Lindleloff and Cuse for the most epic, mythic, and spiritual story ever crafted. It’s been such an inspiration and will continue to be for many, many years.

The sideways flashes, the sideways verse was “limbo” And all of the characters, everyone gathered in the church, had died. Some of them died on the island like Boone, Shannon, Charlie and Jack. Others, as Christian Shepherd noted, died a long time after Jack.  “Everyone dies sometime kiddo” the father says to the son. Knowing what happened to Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Richard, and Lapidus after their plane left the island is not important. What’s key is that those who died and were ready to move on created a place, their own ideal version of limbo, where they could reunite and move on together. “No one can do it alone” Christian tells Jack. That is true in life and in death.

Some weren’t ready to move on like Ben who still needed “to work some things out” but Locke’s forgiveness and Hurley’s grace helped or is helping. Anna Lucia who, on a bribe from Desmond, busted him, Sayid and Kate out of jail, is not ready to move on either.  In last Tuesday’s episode, Hugo asked Desmond if she was coming with them, Desmond said clearly, “No she’s not ready”  Anna Lucia is still in limbo along with Ben.

I imagine that Ben doesn’t stay in limbo for too long considering that he and Hurley stayed to protect the island. As Hurley says to Ben–“You were a good number 2 Ben” and Ben with much sincerity and admiration in his voice replies–“And you were a good number 1 Hugo”  They died on the island, protecting the island.

Who came after them to take their place?  Don’t know. Doesn’t matter. Did Desmond get off the island? Maybe, maybe not. I’d like to imagine that he did considering that Demond’s boat was still anchored near the island and that Jack says to Desmond–“Go home to be with your wife and kid.”

Some folks may never move on like Michael.  He tells Hurley in a few episodes earlier this season that the whispering voices they hear in the night belong to those like Michael who because of their transgressions “can’t move on.”  But maybe he will. If grace can come to Sayid and eventually to Ben, than why not Michael too?

(As a side note–it would be wrong to infer that Eko’s absence in the church means he wasn’t ready to move on. That was simply a case of the creator’s not being able to get the actor back for the finale.  Also, several characters who appeared earlier in the the finale weren’t in the church like Richard, Miles, Lapidus, Farraday, Charlotte, Eloise Hawking, Widmore. One could argue that they weren’t quite ready to move on like Ben and Anna Lucia. But I think they’re not present simply because they were not the core we became attracted to from the pilot episode: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Hugo, Boone, Shannon, and Locke; or characters who were central to the plot from Season 2 through the end:  Juliet,  Libby, Rose and Bernard–the latter three being survivors of Oceanic 815 crash.)

I appreciate that the island and everything that happened on the island was real. It wasn’t purgatory, but the sideways verse was. (Another side note–a lot of people on the LOST fan sites and chat boards are upset with the ending because they believe the Lindleloff and Cuse lied when they said in interviews years ago that the island wasn’t purgatory. For any readers who are upset for the same reason…the island IS NOT PURGATORY.  THE ISLAND AND EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED ON IT WAS REAL; THEY ALL DIDN’T DIE IN THE PLANE CRASH. Go back and listen carefully to what Christian tells Jack and also note that Jack dies after he saves the island. His eye closes just as Lapidus flies the plane carrying Miles, Richard, Kate, and Sawyer overhead.)

I also loved how the show came full circle to Jack and Christian. Their relationship was at the heart of the series. And Jack realizing he was dead and then tearfully hugging his father was one of the most moving scenes in TV history.  The conversation between them summed up the show perfectly.  And the series beginning with Jack’s eye opening and ending with Jack’s eye closing was magnificent!

A few questions that I have (at least for now) which will likely always be unanswered and forever remain a mystery (as it should just like God and God’s love) are:

How did Jack, etc., create that place, was it from their own memories of who they were in life and in their best moments of life, i.e. on the island?

Was Vincent just a dog or was he God or a spiritual guide? (The way Vincent appeared out of the woods and laid down next to Jack as he lay dying was poignant and got me choked up)

The Smoke Monster/Man In Black/Jacob’s brother, etc. took on the form of Christian Shepherd early on in Season 1, which prompted Jack to run after him and nearly fall off a cliff.  But was every appearance of Shepherd on the show the Smoke Monster?  The answer is not clear.

Who was the man in Jacob’s cabin, the one in the rocking chair that only Locke could see and hear when he and Ben entered the cabin in Season 3? Was it Jacob? Man in Black? Alvar Honso, the guy who funded the Dharma Initiative and who was the great-great grandson of Magnus Honso the captain of the Black Rock who brought Richard Alpert to the island as a captive?  Or was it Christian Shepherd? Or just a dead soul who died on the island and was unable to move on?

Again, some mysteries will have to stay a mystery.

Ultimately, the island was a strange but real place (just like life) where they all got an opportunity to realize they were good people who needed one another despite their flaws and mistakes they made in the past.  In all of this, Jack and the gang prove Jacob right, that good can triumph over evil, that faith, love and hope always wins in The End… and The End as the old saying goes, is only the beginning.  May the adventures of the LOST characters continue on…


11:12 pm–what better place for them to all gather but a church or the church where the Oceanic 6 met Eloise Hawking and learned they had to return to the island, where Ben and Jack talk in the sanctuary about doubt, about the disciple Thomas and Christ. Also the same church where Jack has Christian’s funeral when the Oceanic 6 returned from the island. Ben and Locke in side verse–powerful illustration of forgiveness, also a tenant of the series.

In island time, Ben says to Hurley, “Do what you do best, help people.”  Hugo asks Ben to help him. Cut back to side verse. Ben is not going inside with the rest of them. Why? Kate and Jack pull up and Kate tells Jack it’s time to leave. Leave where?

Back in island time, Jack is alive!

11:04 pm–We all say a collective “Amen” with Lapidus. The testament to a great show is when you feel everything the characters are feeling. As Miles, Kate, etc. tightened their hands around the arm rest of the airplane, we tightened our fists along with them. Jack turns the light back on. As the light fills the cavern, Jack places his hand under the water that is also flowing again and he begins to laugh. Spiritually powerful scene, conjures up images of baptism, of candlelight worship services, of John 1: “The light shined in the darkness and the darkness could not put it out.”

11:00 pm–Jack to Desmond–“I’ll see you in another life brother” I almost broke down right there. Kate’s line to Claire–“You are never alone” is the central message of the show

10:55 pm–Hugo represents us (as he always has) when he tells Jack, with frustration in his voice and tears in his eyes, “You can’t die Jack.”  Jack passes on protection of the island to Hugo.  Jack protects “as long as he can.” Tender moment between Jack and Hurley, I’m starting to feel the tears well up.

10:52 pm: Jack still in denial but he can’t resist his connection, his love with Kate.  She says to Jack–“I know you don’t understand but if you come with me, you will.”  Possibility they may be reunited.

10:42 pm: Miles–“I don’t believe in a lot of things but I do believe in duct tape.”  LOL. Sawyer and Juliet connect and remember. Juliet’s interchange with James as she is dying after the bomb is detonated in the season opener. Amazing. The pieces are starting to fall into place. I got goosebumps seeing them reunite and kiss. They have true love and are meant to be. 45 minutes left…

10:33 pm: In side verse, Kwons tell Sawyer they don’t need protection. “We’re safe. See you there.” What does that mean? Will Sawyer die and they will see each other in heaven or an eternal resting place?  Or does it mean Sawyer will see their spirits on the island? Sawyer has seen things on the island before, i.e. Kate’s horse from her childhood, young Jacob…

Jack and Kate profess their love for one another, a sweet moment.  In the recap earlier this evening, Matthew Fox commented on how Jack and Kate are a perfect match but not able to ever be together because of the circumstances. So true, so true. But I desperately wish it wasn’t.  Jack and Kate’s purposes are clear. Her purpose is to get Claire off the island and back to Aaron; Jack’s is to undo what Desmond has done to the island, causing it to fall apart and eventually sink into the ocean.  Sawyer goes with Kate. Hugo and Ben go with Jack.  Sawyer thanks Jack for everything, very touching given their on-and-off Alpha male feud.

10:24 pm: Jack pierced in the side, reminiscent of Christ. Jack is not dead, thought he was for a moment.  MIB cuts Jack’s neck and we learn why Jack in sideways verse has been bleeding in the same area as if he cut himself shaving. Kate is always there for Jack, shoots Smokie.  Then MIB says to Jack “It’s too late.” Jack kicks him off the ledge and MIB falls to his death on the rocks below.

Great transition from dead MIB in Locke’s form to Locke with eyes closed following surgery in sideways flash.  The surgery worked and Locke can feel his legs; Locke moves his toes and remembers waking up on the island and being able to walk. Tells Jack–“We have to leave.” Jack remembers too, even the recent events in island time, i.e. looking down into the cavern of light. But Jack in sideways verse is refusing to believe, says he has to go to his son. Locke tells Jack that he has no son.  Everything is converging but not completely sure what that means.

10:15 pm–Desmond to Kate–Do you understand? The question is for us as well as Kate. Sawyer, Kate and Hurley don’t even debate rescuing Ben from the boulder he is pinned under; shows how much the characters have changed for the better. Correction from earlier–most intense scene in LOST–Jack and MIB in Locke’s form racing toward each other. Jack leaps into the air and comes down with a fist and…commercial. Arghhhh.  This show is gonna leave a huge mark!

10:10 pm: Eloise Hawking–“Once you go…then what?”  Desmond–“We’re leaving.”  I will miss the moments between Eloise and Desmond.  Another beautiful scene of remembering as Kate helps Claire give birth to Aaron again. Charlie and Claire grasp hands and they both remember their life together on the island.  This is some powerful storytelling. There are almost no words for what we’re seeing and feeling right now.

10:05 pm: One of the most intense moments ever in LOST! Edge-of-your-seat! Desmond removes a stone plug, tons of elecro-magnetic energy and a noise that is awfully similar to the one the Smoke Monster makes. Desmond screams “Noooo!” The ground starts to rumble. Smokie thinks he’s won until Jack tackles him, punches him and makes him bleed! Then Smokie (who doesn’t turn into monster form) grabs his backpack and takes off through the jungle.  I believe this is just the beginning of the hits that are about to come.

10:00 pm: Charlotte and Farraday reunite.  Claire, Jack’s son, Kate and Desmond at table #23 (one of the Numbers). Chang reappears. First seen in sideways flash introducing Hugo as humanitarian of the year.  Charlie spots Claire and they start to remember when Claire goes into labor with Aaron who I believe still has a big part to play.

9:53 pm: Desmond–“Ill go to where the light is the brightest.”  Jack confronts Smokie, defends Locke. Jack laments that he’ll never be able to tell Locke that he was right “about everything.” I hope Jack gets the opportunity to see and speak to Locke again.

9:48 pm: Hurley affirms the goodness in Sayid–“You can’t let other people tell you who you are. You have to decide that for yourself.”  Hurley reunites Sayid with Shannon and Boone! Sayid touches, helps her up and both remember. They know each other’s names. Boone was in on Hurley’s plan, coool!

9:40 pm: “Jack–Desmond is the surprise…a weapon”  Love Hurley’s line to Jack–“I believe in you dude”  Gonna miss Hugo. Intriguing conversation between Desmond and Jack; which one is right? And just as Desmond is about to descend into the cavern of light..we go to commercial.

9:35 pm: Showdown between team Jack and team Smokie. Incredibly powerful line from Jack to Locke-ness–“I’m gonna kill you.”  Smokie asks how, and Jack responds cooly–“It’s a surprise.”  What is Jack up to?

9:30 pm: Jack–“We’re all going to the same place anyways…and then it ends.”  Jack to Locke–“If I can fix you Mr. Locke, that’s all the peace I need.”  What is Christian Shephard’s role in this story. Richard gets first gray hair and says to Miles–“I want to live.”  Dying is living. Richard gets a chance at mortality, a chance at being truly human.  Lapidus is alive, obviously has a huge role in the outcome of the series.

9:24 pm: Juliet is back in sideways flash/verse and the Kwon’s doctor. Sun is awakened to the moment in which she found out she was pregnant on the island–“I remember”  Wonderful sequence of Sun-Jin’s relationship. Jin sees too. They both see everything of their lives on the island, including their deaths. Wow. They tell Juliet that the baby is a girl and her name is Ji-Yeon..and they now speak English! Double wow!  The sideways time line is converging with island time (i.e. title of Flannery O’Connor story “Everything that Rises Must Converge” which Jacob is reading when Locke is pushed out of the high rise apartment by his father, Season 5)

9:21 pm: Desmond to Smokie–“You’re taking me to a light”  Richard is alive, had a feeling that Smokie hadn’t killed ’em; only knocked him out.  Still don’t think Richard-Miles plan to blow up plane is the right call.  Loving how everyone is coming together in the sideways flashes/verse.

9:15 pm: Vincent, Rose and Bernard return; they rescued Desmond from the well! Rose–“God only knows where in the hell we are now.” The Man in Black/Smokie/Locke-ness monster threat that he’ll make Rose and Bernard “hurt” emphasizes how he has become pure evil.  I hope Desmond, Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sawyer are able to stop him.

9:13 pm: Kate–“Nothing is irreversible”

9:05 pm: Beautiful opening with mirroring of characters in Island time and sideways flashes. Profound conversation between Desmond and Kate–“You have to be awakened to your true self.”

Sawyer has the best lines on the show, two great ones early on. To Jack–“So when you gonna come off the mountain and tell us what the burning bush had to say for itself.”  Then as he leaves to find Desmond– “Let me go get that magic leprechaun out of the well.”  Also, two more Star Wars quotes from Hurley, the powerful of which is the classic line “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” And for the last time, we get the “duhn” and the LOST logo. This is going to be a spectacular finale folks!

9 pm: Here we go!


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