Prayers for Dylan the Cat

Early last week, Elizabeth took our cat Dylan to the vet at our local animal clinic because he wasn’t eating much (but drinking lots of water!) and seemed to be very lethargic (literally sleeping the entire day and not having much interaction with anyone, including our other cat, his sister Harper).  Blood work and tests showed that Dylan has severe kidney issues (due to an infection he encountered or toxin he might have ingested that went undetected for a few years).  Dylan, whose kidneys are basically threatening to shut down completely, has been at the clinic since Friday and will be there till Monday, hooked up to an IV for fluids. The vet is trying to stabilize Dylan’s condition so that it doesn’t worsen immediately.

However, the prognosis is that Dylan’s health will slowly deteriorate and he will likely not live more than 2 years. He will also have to go on a special diet and will make several visits to the vet several times for blood work and IV fluids during that period. Dylan is such a wonderful cat (as is Harper) with an sweet, funny and adventurous personality. Elizabeth and I became owners and adopted parents to Dylan and Harper shortly after we moved to Maryland in October 2005. They were 3-month-old kittens at the time, rescued by an animal organization in College Park near the University of Maryland.

Both Dylan and Harper have been the best cats any human being could ask for, truly a blessing from God. They are beloved members of our family and beautiful testaments to the goodness of God’s Creation.  It is sad to know that such a young and vigorous cat may not be with us much longer. But we will try our best to take advantage of every day we have with our cats and do everything we can to make Dylan’s life comfortable.

Below are some pictures from my visit with Dylan at the animal clinic. He seemed to be in good spirits today as he nuzzled on me quite a bit, sat in my lap for a few seconds and roamed around the room–investigating every inch…

I can almost reach it, a bandaged paw can’t stop me!

AHA! Bandaged paw be damned, I made it to the top and don’t hurt a bit! Let’s see a dog do that!
If the cute vet assistant would just crack the door, I can leap over her head and make my escape!

This is a lovely couch to play under but I miss the one at home…how many hours till Monday?… *sigh*

Please keep Dylan and the family in  your prayers, thanks.


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