Reverb #6-Make

A friend/ministry colleague/seminary classmate who writes the wonderfully creative and always insightful The Blue Room blog inspired me to be a part of a new writing project:  Reverb 10 an annual event and online initiative to reflect on the year and manifest what’s next. My hope is that being a part of Reverb 10 will make me to be a more disciplined writer who posts something every day.  I let so many wonderful opportunities to write and share stories go by because I get too busy or too lazy.  Already, I’m a few days behind on joining Reverb, but as the saying goes, “better late, than never.” So here I go off on a new writing adventure, starting with Reverb #6…

Dec. 6. Prompt. Make: What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

In October, during an Adult Mission Trip in Haiti, I decided to make a sign for The Good Shepherd School where we had been serving all week. I took a wooden 2×4 and (using Acrylics) painted the words “Good Shepherd” on one side and then flipped it over and (with the help of some of the Haitian teenagers) painted the translation of Good Shepherd, “Bon Chapin.” On my way to hang the sign (on the roof that overlooks the entrance to the school), I showed my handiwork to Brigid, one of my team members who was talking to a Haitian man in his 20s. The man, who was doing post-graduate work, chuckled and said, ” ‘Bon Chapin’ doesn’t mean Good Shepherd. It means Good Carpenter.” The teenagers who were genuinely trying to help me with the sign misheard me, believing I said “Chapin” when I was saying “Shepherd.”  An honest mistake. But instead of redoing the sign, I decided I would just display the “Good Shepherd” side.

That turned out to be ideal since there wasn’t a way to hang the sign so that both sides could be seen. Another team member, Patrick, had to hammer the board flat onto an exposed beam. Later, when Brigid asked me if we were able to show both sides of the sign, I immediately replied (without too much thought).  “We just nailed the ‘Good Shepherd’ side”:-)  I know, I know. Not very reverent of me, the Presbyterian minister…but considering the circumstances, it was/is pretty darn funny.

Other things I’ve made at home in more recent weeks have been photo books for family members for Christmas. Elizabeth has gotten a few Groupons for free Shutterfly and Snapfish photo albums. And I was given the task of uploading pictures of Katie and/or the art she has made at pre-school to make memorable keepsakes of our daughter and her art skills at age 2 and a half.

I also draw pictures (using a sharpie and a piece of 5×11 white paper) for Katie: cartoons of bears, Aubie (The mascot of The Auburn Tigers), Mater from Cars, Eeyore, The Genie from Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, airplanes, flowers, robots, fish. A couple of weeks ago, Pops (Elizabeth’s dad) sent Katie her first set of LEGO/Duplo blocks and per my daughter’s request, I’ve created a giraffe, a bird, a fire truck, a tower, a building for her matchbox-sized fire trucks, and a bridge.

If I can clear time for it, I would like to make some canvas painting to put in Katie’s playroom or make some music mixes for friends and relatives as well as burn Katie videos on DVD for family members with nice graphics–another momento of Katie’s life to treasure.


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