Thankfulness for December

This month I am thankful for:

* this very moment–Katie is asleep in my lap, snoring the most adorable snore (she has had a cold the past few days and hasn’t slept well at night). We are both sitting in a comfy leather chair at Pops’ and Dee-Maw’s house in Cleveland. I’m staring out the window at a winter wonderland while “The Christmas Song” is playing on the TV’s digital music channel. My heart has never been more full. (4:15 pm)

*the next moment–Katie asleep in Elizabeth’s lap on the couch, after waking up momentarily from her nap with me. Now my heart is full (5:34 pm)

*Two opportunities to visit Pops and Dee-Maw

*Christmas Trees

*The nice and friendly security empoyees at Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta.

*PHPC staff and members–their prayers, love, humor and support

*The children and youth of the church who are a great inspiration to me.


*Equal Exchange Fair Trade Chocolate and Coffee

*The Avett Brothers music



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