Reverb #14-Appreciate

December 14. Prompt. Appreciate: What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

The one thing I have come to appreciate most in the past year is my 2 and a half year old Katie. I never would’ve thought I could love someone so much that it hurts but I do with every breath and bone of my body. Every day I give thanks to God for this amazing gift of joy in our lives. Katie is a playful, happy, good-natured, contemplative and kind little girl. She loves to laugh; tickle; be tickled; run; go outside, feed the cats; watch Bob The Builder and Jungle Junction;look for airplanes, trains, taxi-cabs, mail trucks and garbage trucks, play with her toy trains and cars (including Mater from Cars); seeing her teachers and friends at preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at church on Sundays; Playdoh; coloring; singing; dancing; taking a bath; going to zoo and seeing pictures of animals; stomping in the snow; jumping in water puddles; eating cake and ice cream and reading. She is also has some incredible verbal and thinking skills which highlights her smarts and sense of humor. A sampling of Katie’s latest conversations…

While playing with one of the cat’s toys–a wand with a piece of fabric on the end:

Elizabeth: ” Katie, don’t poke Mama in the eye with the stick.”
Katie: giggle, giggle
Elizabeth: “No, its not funny.”
Katie: “Its a little bit funny.”

When being introduced to people:

“My name is Katie-Girl! And this is Mama and Daddy!”

After seeing a magazine add for the TV show Glee that reminded her of the same logo she saw a few months ago on the The Music of Glee, Vol. 1 cd (of which we have played the first track “Don’t Stop Believing”):

“Mama, that’s dubba, dubba, dubba.”

While decorating the Christmas tree at home:

“Mama and daddy, where’s the star on top of the tree? You need a star.”

While watching a cartoon in which one character is playfully slapping another character’s cheek with a dead fish:

“Daddy, is the fish ok?”

Tapping the drum ornament on the Christmas Tree at Pops and Dee-Maw’s house:

“Rumpapum-pum, rumapum-pum!

Talking to her toys which have fallen/been thrown out of the crib:

“Sorry, little fire truck. I am so sorry about your fall. Don’t worry! We’ll get you out of there. Oh! I gotta turn the music on. [Singing commences.]”

After spotting a crack in the brick walkway as she headed inside the church building to preschool:

“The brick is broken, I need to fix it!”

All that and she’s a cutie to boot (see the pigtails and pj’s above). Pretty impossible to not appreciate (through love, nuture, play, parenting, guidance, support) a creation so special and grand.

So what about you dear blog readers; what is the one thing you have appreciated in this past year?


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