A Digital Retelling of The Nativity

The latest YouTube sensation (with nearly 200,000 views) is “THE DIGITAL STORY OF NATIVITY- (or Christmas 2.0)”  by ViralVideosNr1…

There’s no arguing that this is superbly designed video that is fun to watch and dead-on in its portrayal of how the story might play out in today’s digital age. However, I’m not so sure about the tag-line at the end of the piece–“Times change, feelings remain the same.” Times have definitely changed in terms of how we communicate and tell stories through various digital mediums (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, iPhone, Amazon, etc.).

But does a digital retelling of Jesus’ birth truly evoke the same feelings of awe, mystery, and gratitude as when we read the story from the pages of Luke’s gospel; or hear the scripture passages spoken during a Christmas Eve worship service; or watch excited children (dressed up as the holy family, shepherds, wise-men, sheep and donkeys) act out the scenes; or reflect on the event while gazing at the family Nativity set?

The video makes me grin and chuckle a bit, but viewing the story in this medium doesn’t stir my heart and soul quite as deeply as seeing a 5-year-old wise-man sincerely offer his “gift of myrrh” prop to my daughter, who was 6 months old when we played the holy family in Pleasant Hill’s Christmas Eve Children’s Service on Dec. 24, 2008; or listening as a young child to my mom read the story on Christmas Eve–all of us sitting in the candle-lit dark near the Nativity set that rested atop our living room coffee table; or lighting candles while singing Silent Night during the 11 pm Christmas Eve Candlelight Service over the past 18 years.

Times change for sure, but feelings don’t necessarily remain the same…even when the Nativity undergoes a cool digital retelling.


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