Reverb #18-Try

Dec. 18. Prompt. Try: What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it?

After reading this one, I instantly recalled the classic scene from Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back where Luke is training with Yoda in the Dagobah Swamp. Faced with the challenge of pulling his X-wing fighter out of the marsh, using only the force, Luke says: “I’ll give it a try.” Yoda responds: “No! Try not! Do or do not. There is no try.”

So with that in mind, here are a few things I’d like to do next year:

*Read 30 books (an average of 2.5 books a month)

* Take cooking lessons either in a class or from my wife and mother-in-law or members of the church as well as study cook books

* Lose 20-30 pounds

* Write a book

* Get an essay, letter or devotional published in at least two of the following magazines (printed or online versions): Christian CenturyPresbyterians Today, These Days RelevantSojourners,  Rolling Stone,  Mental Floss, Oxford-American, and Newsweek.

*Fast from TV and online videos (via Hulu, YouTube, MSN, CNN, Facebook) for a month

* Carve out at least a half hour each day for personal prayer and reading scripture or a book/article on religion/ministry

* overnight camping

* rock climbing and rappelling

*spend one day playing video games for 8-10 hours

*commit to not complaining for one month

* give three months of my “wish list” money (from the family budget) to the poor

* get a manicure with my wife

*  eat something exotic, odd or unique

* learn to play the acoustic Fender I received on my 16th birthday

* stay in touch more often with friends from my youth either by phone or letters (not just email and Facebook)

*establish a routine where I meet with one seminary classmate and friend (someone from our S3 group) once a month.

*attend monthly “Poker and a Prayer” at JT’s house on Monday night’s (at least 7 out of 12) for fellowship with other pastors.

* upload all of our pictures (and we got lots of ’em with Katie girl) to an online photo archive

* bike-riding at the beach or on some forest trails

*  Fly an airplane

* make improvements to the front and backyard of our home

*make the time to read books on my list of books to read; and watch movies (documentaries and church-related stuff) on my list of movies to watch

* attend a service at Jewish synagogue and/or a Mosque

* participate in a walk or run that raises funds and awareness for Cancer or AIDS research

* go on a romantic vacation with Elizabeth

*Drink nothing but water for a month

* spend the night in a homeless shelter in Atlanta (Clifton Sanctuary Ministries, Central Pres Night Shelter or Druid Hills Night Shelter)

*take Katie to her first film in a movie theater (hopefully Cars 2 next summer when she turns 3)

* preach on a book from the Bible that is never (or hardly ever) preached on like Titus, Song of Solomon or Hezekiah or parts of Judges that don’t have to do with Samson or Gideon.

* judge, worry and fear less; love, laugh and forgive more


One thought on “Reverb #18-Try”

  1. Cooking lesson: Come visit with your beautiful family and take some cooking lesson here!

    You can at the same time: bike ride on the beach, get a mani with the wife, read a book, play video games with my kids, lose weight, pray, and go to temple.

    We would love to have you!
    aka SG


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