Reverb #22-Travel

December 22. Prompt. Travel: How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

In January, I curiously but reluctantly got in the backseat of JB’s Cessna with JB piloting and Elizabeth in the front passenger seat. My anxiety quickly subsided once we got in the air and the view of Stone Mountain was spectacular:

In March/early April, Elizabeth, Katie and I cheerfully boarded an AirTran airplane to Cleveland to see Pops and Dee-Maw. And Pops lovingly swooped her up and carried her around:

In early June, I traveled joyfully and excitedly via my car–to Montreat, North Carolina for the HS Youth Conference with my family and a group of youth and adults from Pleasant Hill. During the week, Katie and I took a fun paddle boat ride on Lake Susan.

In early July, I traveled with a lot of excitement and passion via the church bus with the HS Youth to a Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Village Houma, Louisiana to help local residents with rebuilding efforts. I returned from the trip blessed, content and exhausted. Early in the week, we went adventurously on a swamp boat tour where we met this guy swimming along:

In late June, I traveled enthusiastically with six middle schoolers and my colleague AB (each of us driving our vehicles) to a Youth Conference at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC.  Since we were on a small campus for a vast majority of the 4-day conference, we walked wherever we went which allowed for many opportunities to run into old friends like my buddy Nick here:

In early August, Elizabeth, Katie, Elizabeth’s mom (aka Nana) and I drove in a rental mini-van with relish (and some weariness after listening to music from The Lion King non-stop for 4 hours) to a week of vacation at Grayton Beach in Florida. About middle of the week, Elizabeth, Katie and I visited a putt-putt place where they offered train rides for $3.  Katie and I started off happy but ended up feeling miserable after several slow spins around the tiny track in the 90-something degree heat:

In early September, we drove expectantly to Birmingham to see my maternal grandparents (whom Katie calls MaPaw, short for Mamaw and Papaw) and to celebrate my dad’s 60th Birthday.  We returned to Atlanta blessedly tired after a full weekend of family and activity:

In late September/early October, I traveled passionately, calmly, and apprehensively via airplane with 12 adults from the church to do mission work in Haiti. While in country, we rode to and from places hastily in a pick-up truck, standing room only. And from where we stood, we got a view of a communities that were broken but still determined to keep surviving–keep moving:

In 2011, I would like to travel more gratefully, more energetically, more prayerfully, more hope-filled for the journey and experiences that lie ahead.


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