Reverb #26-Soul Food

December 26. Prompt. Soul Food: What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul?

I’m fortunate to have married into a family of wonderful cooks. Elizabeth’s mom, dad and step-mom are terrific cooks and I’ve been treated to some fantastic meals over the past year.  Each one has touched my soul and contently fill my stomach, particularly entrees that included salmon and asparagus. Yesterday we had a deliciously satisfying Christmas dinner, prepared by Rick, Deidre, and ElizabethAnd just a week ago, Anne (with help from Katie) made me my favorite snack–Oatmeal Scotchies. They were finishing up a batch just as I was leaving for work, about 9:30 am.  Nana asked Katie to “show daddy the present you made for him.”  She gleefully walked up to me with a cookie. Oatmeal Scotchies are incredible and I can devour a whole jar within 10 minutes or so (I had three for breakfast), but it tasted extra special knowing Nana made them and Katie gave me one to eat.  To be honest, nearly every eating experience with Katie is special!

Another unforgettable meal (or meals) this year were the dishes we had at Walls Guest House in Haiti. The food was extraordinary and soul-touching mostly because it was prepared in a country that is abundant with care and love but scarce in food and basic necessities.  Was the chicken, rice, plantains and guacamole the best I ever tasted? No, but it was very good, and more importantly it was special because of the Haitian people who took time, in the midst of poverty and devastation, to serve us.  It was also deeply gratifying to be able to feed 300 kids at The Good Shepherd School three times during the week (twice with PBJ sandwiches and once with beans and rice).

Having lived a comfortable life in America, I’m grateful that I’ve never had to worry about what I or my wife or daughter was going to eat from hour to hour or day to day.  Many people in the world, including the states, don’t have that luxury or opportunity.

I pray that God will humble me whenever I eat–whether it’s the all too convenient 2 pm snack; a delicious meal lovingly prepared by family; dining at a Mexican restaurant with friends or partaking in Holy Communion. I pray that God will make me aware that not all receive enough to eat when there is more than plenty of food in the world to go around. And I hope that from that awareness God gives me, I will be able to do my part to make sure others are fed and nourished so that they may survive and live another day.


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