Reverb #27-Ordinary Joy

December 27. Prompt. Ordinary Joy: Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of your most joyful ordinary moments this year?

Like my response to other posts about particularly special moments, it’s difficult to just pick one that is the most joyful. Three moments actually come to mind and guess what? …They involve Katie! Surprised, aren’t you? 🙂 What can I say? It’s Christmas time and she’s 2 and a half.

So that Katie wouldn’t feel overwhelmed on Christmas Day by gifts from her various family members, we decided to open up a present a day two weeks prior.  One day, we chose a gift from Uncle Ben and Aunt Rachel.  The box barely shook as we handed it to Katie and immediately she said, “It’s Legos!” Clever child.  Even better, it was the Lego version of Scoop from Bob The Builder. As soon as she ripped back the wrapping paper and saw the box, she excitedly shouted, “Scoop, Scoop! It’s Scoop Mama and Daddy! It’s Scooooop!!!”  Scoop hasn’t left her side nor have the other Lego versions of the Bob The Builder machines, which Katie also received for Christmas: Muck, Dizzy, and Lofty.

Lofty is probably her favorite because she sports a pretty cool crane with a rope and hook attached.  Lofty is able “to help” Katie do all kinds of things like put puzzles together or lift wooden blocks or drag other Lego toys along for a ride.  She expressed the same excitement when she got Lofty (along with Dizzy and Bob) on Christmas morning from Pops and Dee-Maw. “It’s Lofty and Dizzy and Bob and Lofty!!!! Heeeeheeeeeee!!!!”

That afternoon, I took Katie into the front yard to play in the snow with Scoop and Lofty. We had a grand time, playing with her new toys and running around in the snow making boot tracks. We laughed and giggled in between each stomp, stomp, stomp and Katie especially loved when we would run and then playfully collide into one another.

May the joyful moments continue to accumulate and cover our lives now and throughout the coming year like freshly fallen snow blankets the ground.


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