Thankfulness for January

This month I am thankful for…

The new year of 2011

Being 35–and the numerous birthday wishes and messages that I’ve received in person or via Facebook, email, text

Montreat College Conferenc–incredible keynotes from Resurrection Dance Theater in Haiti and Brian McLaren; amazing worship led by Beth Goodlet Williams and Aimee Wallis Buchanan; fantastic planning-leading by the Conference Planning Team (you’re passion and hard work is noticed!); seeing old friends and making new ones; having the opportunity to lead a discussion group of college students and hear their stories about being “wondering wanderers”; being able to enjoy the surroundings of Montreat–the trees, hills and a beautiful ice-frozen Lake Susan

Opportunity to co-keynote (with my younger brother) a High School Youth Retreat for Presbytery of Sheppards and Lapsley in a few weeks.

The Jan. 3 birth of a 6 pounds, 10 ounce baby boy and their wonderful parents who are also dear friends and colleagues in ministry.

The Dripolator

Good conversations, silly banter, laughter, hugs

Earth by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (hysterical and a great driving companion)


College Students

Katie, Elizabeth, family and friends

Hope in God’s unconditional and steadfast love


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