God’s Hallowed Creation

This morning’s Pastoral Prayer (inspired by senior pastor’s sermon on the first section of The Lord’s Prayer “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and recent news events):

Creator of heaven and earth, of all living things,
We lift up in prayer Your Creation, which is suffering and in pain.

We pray particularly for two 130-year-old oak trees that are dying on the plains of Auburn, poisoned by rage and contempt. And we pray for mercy and love in the life of Al whose reasons for harming a piece of your creation may never be fully understood.

We pray also for the many trees, fields, valleys, wetlands, rivers, lakes, and streams that are dying or have long been dead, poisoned, polluted, neglected, destroyed by greed and selfishness. And we pray for mercy and love in our lives for the harm we done to your Creation, for reasons that are complicated and controversial, but no less wrong.

We pray for a trouble-filled world and those who are hurt and broken by

We pray for mercy and love for the harm we commit
We ask for healing and hope for those who yearn for freedom and wholeness.
We cry out for your justice and reconciliation to shine a light in the darkness of despair.

We pray that we may revere the world you created for us to inhabit as much as we honor your holy name. We ask that you show us how to be better stewards of the Earth–this wonderful gift you’ve given to us.

Show us how to live in right, faithful, and loving relationship with you and one another.



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