Songs for Good Friday and Dead Saturday

Every year, I’m filled with a variety of emotions (sadness, melancholy, lament, guilt) on Good Friday and (what I like to refer to as the dead time between the former and the dawn that is to come) Dead Saturday.   In a time in which we recognize the suffering and torture of  Jesus for preaching and embodying the love of God’s kingdom for all people; and in a world that is filled with much brokenness, pain, oppression, violence and death, my mind and heart turns to these songs.

A soundtrack, if you will, for your own reflection during these dark days and nights of the soul.

I believe God speaks prophetically and imaginatively through every one just as God speaks in holy scripture as well as life, death…

and beyond:

1. Jesus Was An Only Son by Bruce Springsteen

2. Blood of the Lamb by Wilco and Billy Bragg

3. Blessed to Be A Witness by Ben Harper

4. Christmas Song by Dave Matthews

5. Until the End of the World by U2

6. Doubting Thomas by Nickelcreek

7. Freedom Hangs Like Heaven by Iron & Wine

8. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down by Willie Nelson

9. Save Us All by Tracy Chapman

10. Jesus Christ by Woody Guthrie

11. Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? by Johnny Cash

We need to immerse ourselves over and over again for long periods of time and very quietly into the living, speaking, acting, suffering and dying of Jesus, so that we may recognize what God promises and what he fulfills.

–Dietrich Bonhoeffer


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