Touch of Pink

The Pink Panther by Friz Freeling. Does he also have pink eye? Hmmmm?

Today was going to be the day I bounced back from this knock-you-on-your-butt-cold I received following the 2012 Montreat College Conference “Seeking Stars” (an awesome experience with my colleague AB and 10 incredible college students from PHPC in the wintry Black Mountain hills of North Carolina). Today was going to be the day I jumped back into the first regular Sunday schedule in the new year–assisting in 8:30 and 11 am worship services, teaching 9:40 am church school class, co-leading a workshop with youth advisers/church school teachers after the 11 am worship service, attending High School Youth Group and Session meeting this evening. And honestly, I was looking forward to a day chock full of ministry.

But when I woke up at 1 am to go to the bathroom (having consumed large quantities of hot tea the previous day to battle the germs doing triathlons in my head, nose and lungs), I discovered my right eye was red and puffy and both the corners and the lashes were covered in thick mucus, which looks and feels like rubber cement. In other words…duh-dunt-duh-dunn…I had pink eye and knew immediately that there was no way I was leaving the house less I infect my colleagues and couple hundred church goers who came to church to be touched by God’s love instead of conjunctivitis.  

So I stayed home, which turned out to be a great thing because it gave me the opportunity to hang out with my 3-year-old daughter Katie whom I normally don’t see much on Sundays, save for a few brief moments at church. Although Katie had just caught my cold, she was in great spirits and a silly mood. After watching several episodes of Katie’s new and favorite program,  Word World, we played a fun filled game of Katie Knock Daddy Down: I sit with my legs crossed on the floor while a wide-grinning and giggling Katie charges at me from two feet away. Upon impact, I grab her and fall backwards, both of us laughing out loud.

Following a couple of rounds of Knock Daddy Down, Katie set up an art class in her playroom. In front of each of her favorite toys (Pescetti the gray-and-blue stuffed dog, the orange stuffed Nemo and Deep-o fish, and the five Mater’s Tall Tale’s monster trucks), she placed a page from her Cars coloring book and two markers, and then helped each one color their picture. I soon joined in with the new 400-page Star Wars coloring book that Elizabeth bought for me because I was sick (The force is strong with her). Afterwards, Katie shot a few baskets on her toy basketball goal and I helped her with a few slam dunks.

By the time noon rolled around, Elizabeth was awake (she got extra sleep to prevent what felt like an oncoming cold) and tagging in to play with Katie while Nana was coming home from the morning worship service. What followed was more silly play, a struggle over a nap (which Katie finally relented to for a solid hour and a half) and a viewing of the 2007 film Alvin and The Chipmunks (As much as I tried to avoid the sound of rodents annoyingly singing nutty pop tunes, Alvin, Simon and Theodore have landed smack dab in the middle of my living room to Katie’s great delight. And if Katie’s happy, daddy’s happy. Surprisingly, the movie is better than having pink eye)

In a few minutes we’ll have dinner and then its bath and bedtime for our girl. She still has a runny nose but seems to have shaken the cold for the most part. It’s hard to keep a spirited 3-year-old down, even if you are a menacing germ.


2 thoughts on “Touch of Pink”

  1. Hope you’re getting better; getting sick is never a good time. I’m glad to see you’re making the best of it:)) Thanks for sharing and I look forward to connecting more with you:))


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