Spring Us Forward

Clock Repairman by Norman Rockwell, 1945Pastoral Prayer for Sunday March 11, The Fourth Sunday of Lent and Daylight Savings Time

O God of all time and space…

Spring us forward today

Spring us forward toward greeting you

        at the doors of our homes

        in the middle of our neighborhoods

        in busy and violent filled streets

       in schools and workplaces

       in jails and refugee camps and foxholes and disaster sites

Spring us forward toward reaching out to others in need

       to lift up our neighbor

      to heal the sick

      to feed the hungry

      to empower the poor

      to bind up the broken-hearted

      to foster peace among those torn up by conflict and war

      to love the un-loveable

Spring us forward toward compassion

      toward mercy

      toward hope

      toward justice

      toward redemption

      toward grace

Spring us forward toward new stories

     new ways of being the body of Christ in the world

     new ways of building your kingdom for all people

     new ways of serving and following

Spring us forward in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus 

who long ago taught us to pray together saying, 

 “Our Father, who art in heaven…


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