PLGRM’s Promise

PLGRM, Volume 1-Issue 1, Summer 2012, PLGRM Media LLC. Cover art “Reversal” by Ryan Kemp-Pappan

If you’re in full time paid ministry (or even if you are a volunteer, regular church goer, seeker”, member of another religious tradition or non-believer in spiritual matters) and you haven’t heard of PLGRM: Wake Up/Discern/Imagine/Do, then stop what you are doing and order the first issue today! This is a terrific seasonal magazine and resource for those working in the Church who desire fresh ideas and approaches to being a Jesus follower in the 21st century. Landon Whitsitt, the Publisher & Editor-In-Chief, explains it all here

If you’re not sure about plopping down $15 for the first issue, you can download a digital copy for free. I did that just to get a preview and was so taken aback, I had to throw some money in to support. Plus, I’m a sucker for holding something tangible like a new magazine in my hands…no matter how cool it is to read articles on an iPad/iPhone/Kindle, etc. 

I don’t want to give any spoilers except to say that the first issue fulfills the magazine’s mission statement and then some. It’s a bold, honest, and imaginative publication that stirs up a lot of conversation, discernment and ideas for blending old traditions with the new and in many cases, starting completely over or going back to the roots of scripture to grow something never before seen.  I’m only halfway through the inaugural issue, entitled “The Great Reversal,” and the questions are starting to swirl loudly in my heart and brain, like the excerpt from Diana Butler Bass’s recent book (which sparked the idea for this magazine) Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening ; the conversation the PLGRM editors have about DBB’s book and idea; “Say In Your Heart” an article about belief and doubt by Two Friars and a Fool, and “Trauma and Sovereignty” an essay written by Jenny Sue about the trauma caused by a loved one’s addiction. I look forward to reading the rest of the issue, especially an interview with friend and seminary classmate Rachel Parsons-Wells and an essay on urban ministry by a new acquaintance and preacher extraordinaire Theresa Cho. 

In addition to excellent content by a variety of voices and views, PLGRM is simply a beautiful magazine, both in its binding and design as well as it’s art and photos.  This is a mustard seed that has the potential to grow far and wide in the New Spiritual Awakening that is occurring in the 21st Century. And the cover is adorned with a colorful and mesmerizing picture of a Luche Libre wrestler in front of a church! How awesome is that?!?! 

So join the PLGRM journey. You’ll be glad you did. Promise.




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