The Beauty of Your Wows

"Golden Rule (Do Unto Others) Norman Rockwell, 1961
“Golden Rule (Do Unto Others)” Norman Rockwell, 1961

Pastoral Prayer for Sunday January 27:

Breathe in us, O Lord

Breathe in us,

Your Spirit

Your breath

Your life

Your strength

Your courage

Your imagination

Your love

Open our eyes to your wonders–

the fullness of the moon that shines light in the dark night

the radiance of the sun that illuminates our days

the crispness of the winter air that stirs our bones and jumpstarts our hearts

the chirping birds that sing melodies to Your creation

the laughter of children at play

the passion of youth who are called to use their gifts to serve

the wisdom of our elders who impart lessons through their stories

the incredible unexpected moments of grace

Fill our bodies and souls with Your presence. Be with us in–

our failures,

our sufferings,

our brokenness,

our worries,

our doubts,

our questions,

our concerns,

our anger

Connect us with the 


the hungry,

the lonely,

the outcasts,

the ostracized and despised

Enrich our lives through relationships and encounters with the other. 

Because you’re most wondrous work is the divine that took on flesh and became human, 

          reminding humanity of how You, O God, dwell in human lives forever.

For the joy of living in community with fellow human beings–

              unique creations made and fashioned by Your hands–

we give thanks.

Breathe in us, O God, the beauty of your wows.



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