Wedding Anniversary: Nine is Purdy Fine

18666_292718997835_7583846_n9 years ago this evening, the beautiful, wise and all-around amazing Elizabeth and I got hitched. The marriage has had it’s ups and downs but the challenges have helped us grow as a couple. And we’ve shared a lot of adventures and incredible moments of joy (even in the midst of time of sorrow).  We are blessed to be in each others lives and parents to a precious and precocious 4 and a half year-old girl.

Elizabeth and I celebrated by going to dinner at Gary’s Bistro in a local strip mall. (I highly recommend the shrimp and grits with bacon bits and the side order of sauteed spinach.) Afterwards, we perused at Barnes & Noble.

600398_10151511510742836_2021865199_nHowever, the big gift (thank you Charleston Atlantic Presbytery Middle School Retreat for inviting me to keynote in February) is two tickets to The NCAA Men’s Final Four this Saturday at the Georgia Dome! We’ve always been big fans of college basketball and especially enjoy March Madness tourney time. Incidentally, Elizabeth grew up rooting for the 1991-1992 Duke Blue Devils team led by Bobby Hurley (Jersey No. 11) and Grant Hill and the 2000-2001 Duke squad led by Shane Battier and Carlos Boozer.

Elizabeth introduced me to her silly version of the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy (No. 11 in the pre-1980s dusty red Presbyterian hymnals) called Hurley, Hurley, Hurley. We included the hymn in our wedding of course. (The actual words and theme of the hymn are special too but not quite as hysterical to us). During our wedding reception, we all paused for several minutes to gaze up at the TV screen to watch the end of the two NCCA Men’s Final Four games: Duke v. Connecticut and Georgia Tech v. Oklahoma State. There were a few Duke fans like Elizabeth and me, but a lot of Georgia Tech fans considering the good size delegation of friends who came to our wedding from Georgia and were classmates at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur.  Duke lost their game, but Georgia Tech advanced to the National Championship.

This time around, we don’t have a particular favorite but are super thrilled about going. The fun adventure of marriage dribbles and bounces right along!



4 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary: Nine is Purdy Fine”

  1. In the bouncing ball of your lives, I wish you lots of points scored (on both sides!), a lack of “holy-ier than thou” attitudes between you, and many rebounds for the mistakes you both will inevitably make thru your game you call marriage! Many more years of happiness!


  2. You two are one of our favorite couples! Marriage sometimes is a lot like “March Madness”, there are always surprises. Of course we are happy that you both will be attending the games this weekend, by the way, we were at that final four nine years ago! Enjoy the fun and “madness” this weekend. Love you both.


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