Re-Think Church: Advent Photo-A-Day, Dec. 23 “Neighbors”

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 2.01.40 PMAlthough I am certainly an extrovert, I do have moments when I’m in public and around strangers that I become more of an introvert, like the mall.

Today, Katie and I were doing some Christmas shopping when we stopped in the food court to eat lunch. I was content, as always on us keeping to ourselves. But Katie, who never hesitates to speak to others her own age, instead decided to befriend a 3 or 4-year-old boy was sitting next to us with his dad. Katie and the boy smiled and waved back and forth for a few minutes before Katie went over and introduced herself. She chatted for a bit about horses and Christmas and then came back to our table to grab a chip from her Doritos bag to give to her new friend. (Keep in mind that Katie LOVES her Doritos. The girl doesn’t share them with her family much less anyone else, they are that sacred to her).

The boy smiled upon receiving the chip and the two chatted some more. I am grateful for Katie’s enormous heart, her willingness to share with others and ability to recognize a neighbor when she sees one. Being a witness to that part of her and to that particular moment is one of the greatest gifts I’ve received this Advent season.


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