List-full Thanking

On Thanksgiving a year ago, I read an article on the coolest caring organization on the web, Cool People Care (, that suggested taking 5 minutes to make a list of thanks for the holiday.  And CPC encouraged readers to even go beyond Thanksgiving and make a list of thanks every month.  I decided to accept the challenge and for a year, I’ve made a list every month of the things I’m thankful for in those four (and sometimes five) precious weeks.

It’s become a good spiritual practice and consistent reminder of the goodness in life, the goodness that comes from God.

On this day I’d like to give thanks to God for:

* My grandfather who is reading stories to Katie as she sits contently in his lap, wiggling her fingers and toes and smacking her lips.

* My grandmother who is making silly faces at Katie and taking pictures of her and her grandfather.

*  My wife Elizabeth who is the best mother and wife in the world. It’s not easy taking care of two kids, especially when one of them is over 30. 🙂

* My mom and her husband John, my brother Ben and his wife Rachel,  Pops and Dee-Maw (Elizabeth’s dad and stepmom), Nanna (Elizabeth’s mom), Nanna-Nanna and Gramps-Gramps (Elizabeth’s grandparents) and many more family members and friends.

* A day of mission work in New Orleans as part of the Presbyterian Youth Workers Association Conference.

* Turkey, dark meat and GBC (Green bean casserole)

* The congregation, staff and youth of Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church.

* Harper cat and Dylan cat

* A new home

* Prayers from others for a father figure, family member and mentor who is battling cancer with all his might.


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